how would it feel when you constantly have this fear in you that you look ugly?

how would it feel when you are constantly pulled aside by people?

how would it feel when you don’t get the marks you expected in your semester exams?

how would it feel when people get far away from you?

how would it feel when you got to know that the person you liked the most doesn’t do it back?

and so on… there are so many painful themes of daily life which makes your life more complicated, more depressed. aaaand the reason for all of the above mentioned and all of those not mentioned is just one thing, we all know that… CARING MUCH!!

she cared way way much about all her friends, treated every one more than they could deserve for their stupidness. she never was a jealous,selfish human being when it came to her friends. now people made her!

she’s not the way she used to be before, changed .. completely.. that you could never recognize. she began to love herself, she began to carenot kind of attitude,she never needed close one’s now because she’s happy with herself. she became……



CARE less…

this is what made her happy… she now is independent,she don’t need a friend who could help her in autoCAD. she now don’t need a friend who she used to want to always stay by and listen to her sorrows.. she now no need to beg on people to help her out in 3D sketching..she now don’t need to please some one to come along to the stores to buy a chocolate.she now don’t need to be back of anyone to text her,she now no need to explain about anything to anyone,she now no need to tell all of her secrets to her so called close mates.her heart now is a ocean full of secrets ,but that’s ok! shes happy now because the secret will never be out. yet she got a closest mate god could ever give,MOM.

she started being happy, the reason.. she started caring less.. she wanted to make herself busy these holidays,not to think about all those ass hole past moments. she thought of attending some music classes for some pleasant ness, she thought of improving her skills(shh…) , she thought of spending less time on social media, more time talking to her parents and playing.she overall thought of being more productive these holidays…

and here i am writing my first ever blog.. i know at few cases it sucked.. but i promise i’ll improve.. Harshitha Kurra. please do like,comment ,subscribe 😛 😀


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