screenshot-9||PRIDE OF SELF||
I’ve made disastrous decisions,
I’ve loved heartless people,
I’ve given too much to those who deserved nothing,
but what i take pride in,is that I’ve never done anything half heartedly.

||LOVE? YES.||
How long will i be hanging from those parachutes of bliss?
will you be the wind?
can our love be pleasant ocean beneath?
carry me through this life my love and i promise to always stay beside.

||I MISS||
i miss the person i was before i met you,
before you made me suffer, and before the sufferings you put me through, changed me.

What if i cared a bit less?
What if i didn’t like you?
What if i didn’t think about you just before i go to bed and as soon as i wake up?
What if i didn’t get attached to you?
What if you were not known?
What if i say you literally mean everything at this point of time?
What if i say chocolate reminds me of you?
What if i say your smile is my favorite?
what if?


In vain have i struggled.
it will not do.
my feelings will not be repressed.
you must allow me to tell you how ardently i admire and love you.

i have for the first time found what i can truly love..
i have found you,MOM.

All i can say is that
you make me…
you make me into someone i couldn’t
even imagine.
you make me happy,
even when you are awful.

“it was love at first sight,at last sight, at ever and ever sight.”

“he was like a song i’d hear once in fragments but had been singing in my mind ever since.”

any one who is in love is making love
the whole time,
even when they are not,
when the two bodies meet, it is just the cup overflowing.

i must have wished for you so hard and so often you had no choice but to come true.

hello peeps! 😀
been soooo long.. i know, hope you enjoy reading RANDOM THOUGHTS! and relate yourself..
u related? then hit a like and comment how did u feel reading..
thanks :*
see you soon..


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