Life being such a roller coaster ride.. we all want to ride it just safe and get  to the stop point.But did you ever think how it would be to make it a bit kinky? a bit more interesting?a bit more crazy?

after a roller coaster ride,we go home and tell our cousins and friends how was the experience.. the only way, social media! so what do u tell them?

“guess what…we had gone on a roller coaster ride today.. and it was amazing!”.in what way is it amazing? doing the daily chores exactly the way you planned it? having all the tasks done on TO DO list is amazing? going to college,coming back to hostel,using social media,having dinner,sleep.. is amazing? going no where and just posting Instagram stories and making people believe that you are having an amazing life when u r actually not, is amazing? the compliment from lecturers “she’s such a disciplined girl/boy”is amazing? not at all falling in love is amazing?

if you think any of the above is just enough for an amazing life.. you can stop reading my blog 😐

this isn’t what we call amazing life..

get to have a best friend whom you can share every single happiness,sadness with, get to have friends of other language and other culture so this way you develop! trust me 🙂   , have relationships that sweep you off your feet and change your every view,have a group of friends so that you can just point out at people and make them awkward(and they join you).

Read, learn and stimulate your brain, because you  don’t wanna regret it later!study real hard because some day may be you wanna be sumptuous, buy  stuff ON YOUR OWN.stop being afraid and motivate yourself.

Travel to different places every now and then, talk to strangers.Get to know people,deeper than whats on the surface,deeper than favorite foods and music.what makes your brain tick?what makes your heart skip beats?what makes your soul glow? get to know everything.

when you find someone beautiful or their work beautiful , just tell them.

dance your heart out,because when you are late 70’s and u don’t wanna regret.

Put your “i want tos” into acts. have some fantasies.. fairy lights,dream catchers,royal enfield bikes.

Wear beautiful dresses,go to parties,dance, drink,live the moment.

Get to love someone truly. Get your heart broken once atleast,its fine.Get excited about the stars,get excited about having a crush,talk about missing someone.when someone means a lot,hug them! its a silent way of saying ‘you matter to me’.like someone without any reason,because when that reason is gone,your heart will change too. like people because you are you.go on dates, with the people worthy!

Follow the 5 by 5 rule.

Make an effort,its attractive.

Never give someone priority 1 because no one is worth it,they don’t respect you, move on.

Talk to your mom and dad daily, you never know how much they have to tell you.

Maintain a good profile, in social media as well as  your resume.

Don’t just be confined to studies and social media,this social media is so cold and cruel,we are so close to the info and so far from people…because life is a lot more than just grades,likes and comments..

And the dandelion does not stop growing because it is told it is weed.

the dandelion does not care what others see

it says “one day, they’ll be making wishes upon me”.


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