Shit face,

How you doing? Hope you doing just as worse as u always do…

Can i just change the name from Shit face to soulmate? it is kinda huge, isn’t it? it’s not like i’m unaccustomed to the concept of soulmates, but i believed it’s just confined to the books. Then, Just then, u came into my life just to teach certain bonds are which words can never describe. Who would have thought? that a piece of shit like you would actually matter more than anyone else? who would have thought that the random fake smile can heavy your heart , a bit more for even the idea of them leaving u? who would have thought that “i’m taking your mobile to just go through gallery” can go to random grab and spamming people? who would have thought that a random sarcastic jokes turn to “WE ARE RETARD GOALS AF”

With you, i never felt like i’m talking to a stranger, it’s like meeting the same old friend again! The all of sudden fights, the all of sudden laughs, the synk of similarities, the all of sudden i’m hungry, let’s go get something , the all of sudden “i’ll miss you ! ” kinda sentimental  talks, the all of sudden “i love you OK? ” kinda love,  the all of sudden “i’m not gonna go, if u ain’t coming” kinda black mail, the all of sudden cheesy chats, the 4 AM calls, the all of sudden “we will be permanent roommates” kinda future plans. everything, every. single. thing.

so let me just be sweet for once, i’m blessed to have a bond with you which books talk about and  which rarely exist and i bet no one can ever experience the love we have for each other ! And lemme just tell you i love you so much and i’ll always be there for you, waiting behind the closed violet door, peeping through the yellow frame.

So leggo mate ! let’s have some yet to come *peaceful* days and a Pondy for sure 😛


your soulmate (and your one and only best friend ! i know i’m worth it ! 😛 )


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