Dear Dad,

My jaanuuuuu! what’s up? I miss you already. This place feels so foreign without you staying along with me for a day or two. Yo, I wanted to ask you something.. How the hell do you manage everything? like EVERYTHING? and the trust you have in me? haha, i never had that amount of trust on me. not now, not ever. Do you remember the time when you came along with me for my registration for B.Tech 1st year? haha, we were kids enough then. how you didn’t let go of my hand as if you are leaving your 2 year old in a kindergarden. we were both crying. the hostel warden had to come and pull us apart and assure you everything will be fine. Dad, why did you stand 2 hours outside my class on my first day? because you knew i was worried? Thinking about that still makes me cry. Why didn’t you ever tell me to book a cab and come home from the airport? why do you drive 1 hour all the way from home to RGIA everytime? because you knew I would love to see you and hug you? You do miss me sleeping beside you and  listening to my drama filled words, don’t you? Why do you always fly along with  me to Chennai and then fly to your work place instead of just fly from Hyderabad to your workplace? Because you knew I would cry if not? When my friends say their parents wont let them go on trips, outing after 9 P.m, not to spend lots of money etc I always wonder how you never put a limit. How you always supported me when I had fights in college instead of telling me to stay put just because I’m a girl. They say i got your smile and nose. They say I’m as stubborn and challenging as you. I feel so proud about it. i know you feel too :P.   I must admit I secretly love your stupid jokes.  For all the deep conversations at 2 A.M and motivations. Thanks for all of them. For all the times we fooled mom, cheers to the best dad and daughter. Why’d you never say no when i say i want new clothes though you know wardrobes at home are flooding with my clothes? Because you knew that would make me the happiest person on the earth? Remember when I asked you I wanted a “birthday on wheels” on my 18th Birthday and we roamed all Hyderabad till 3 A.m? Why’d you not say no though you were fucking tired? Because you didn’t wanna disappoint me?  For all the times you switched off the WIFI, did you want to talk to me? My friends ask me why I never order fish when we all go out to restaurant though i love it, I hate you for feeding me fish always by yourself.. now I don’t know how to eat it without you carefully taking off all the gills. And this time when you couldn’t make it up to Chennai along with me, why’d i see a tear drop fall off? I miss our bull fight Bondu, Bwahahahaha what is age even? Dad, even today when I’m 18 years done with my life I can’t move a single step, make a single decision without you.. And I would say the same when I’m 81 years old because you are my strength, my weakness, my hero, my wholehearted-laugh, my stress reliever, my EVERYTHING! There’s a lot lot lottttttt to tell but you know i’m too emotional for this and i’m done. ah.


your Xerox copy aka your chitti thalli aka your precious aka your appe.


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